First let’s look at what acne really is. Acne is due to an excess production of sebum which creates inflammation on the skin’s surface. This inflammation plugs the follicles and bacteria begins to overgrow. The more bacteria that overgrows, the more clogged the follicles become and the bigger the pimple will get. Blackheads and whiteheads are essentially the same as acne. 


Glowing skin starts from within but the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know that. Although what you put on your skin does play a part, it is not the cause. After years of treating acne on patients and myself, I have discovered 5 common root causes. 


1. Nutritional Deficiencies  


Some of the best nutrients for skin health…


Retinol (active form of Vitamin A) - needed for progesterone production, regulates sebum production, controls androgen activity, increases skin cell turnover and helps to maintain the barrier of your skin


Zinc - acne is directly related to a zinc deficiency, works with retinol to support skin cell structure and healthy skin cell turnover


Sulfur - helps metabolize estrogen, supports glutathione and collagen production 


Vitamin E - most abundant antioxidant that gets secreted through sebum production 7 days after consuming and helps lubricate the skin


Collagen - feeds moisture barrier and helps promote structure and strength of the skin


Selenium - neutralizes free radicals and works with vitamin E to provide the protective coating around the skin cells 


Vitamin C - powerful antioxidant to fight free radical damage to skin cells and reduce inflammation 


Remember, food first! We don’t often recommend supplementing with synthetic vitamins/minerals as most of them are not utilized well in our body, can create other imbalances and are derived from toxic substances which all lead to more inflammation in the body. 


2. Gut Inflammation 

3. Poor Detoxification

4. Imbalanced Hormones

5. Stress 


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