Abnormal PAP Smear & HPV

My biggest pet peeve is that doctors don’t give any insight as to why your pap smear is abnormal and they definitely don’t give you any advice as to how to help get it back to normal. They pretty much just say come back later and let’s hope for the best. But in reality, there is soooo much you can do to support your body during this time and there are multiple reasons why it could be off.

Many women walk away from the doctors office afraid, worried, uninformed and embarrassed. I am here to tell you that there are solutions for you!

A lot of the time abnormal #pap smears are followed by an #HPV diagnosis but not always. My abnormal pap smear was due to the #birthcontrolpill changing my cervical cells but did not paint an HPV picture. If you are diagnosed with HPV, your doctor will likely say you are stuck with it for life and there isn’t much you can do about it. WRONG.

HPV is 100% reversible. I have helped my clients and my friend reverse it completely naturally. There are many highly researched lifestyle changes, herbs and nutrients that help your body fight off HPV. Just because there is no pharmaceutical to “fix it” aka suppress/mask it doesn’t mean its not reversible.

HPV is extremely common (usually 1 out of 2 people get it at some point- knowingly or not) and both male and females can get it. Many people live with HPV unknowingly because the virus is inactive in their body. This means there have no symptoms and no abnormal cells that show up on their pap smear but it’s still there and could easily become active. The virus tends to become active when you are under a period of high stress because stress suppresses our immune system and metabolism. It also shuts down digestion, increases intestinal permeability, disrupts methylation, causes hormone imbalances etc.

Even though HPV is common, it’s still a very serious virus that doctors should not be brushing off as easy as they do. The leading cause of cervical cancer is untreated HPV.

There are many things that make you highly susceptible to HPV:

  1. Synthetic Hormones like the birth control pill or hormonal IUD

  2. Internal and External #Stress

  3. Smoking #Tobacco

  4. #MTHFR gene

  5. Processed / inflammatory diet high in PUFA’s and #gluten

A lot of you are probably thinking that since you received the G va** you can’t have HPV. You would hope but it only protects you against some strains and even then it’s not 100% effective against those strains. If the va** was 100% effective, women wouldn’t really need to get regular pap smears at all. But you do, you very much do.

Strengthen the host, don’t kill the guest is the best way to describe an HPV treatment. There are different types of abnormal cells that are caused by HPV but haven’t turned into cervical cancer yet. ACUS (#inflammation), CIN, CIN2, CIN3. You need a proper protocol to eradicate these pre-cancerous cells (and keep the abnormal cells from returning) while keep the healthy cells growing.

This does not just mean supporting your #immune system. Although thats a big part, you have to look at the body as a whole; increasing your metabolism, reducing stressors, healing the gut lining, balancing endocrine and nervous systems etc.

Depending on the severity of your abnormal cells, a #biopsy may be necessary. If this comes back abnormal then your doctor will likely recommend an invasive procedure to laser the cells and tissue away. Just like every other western medicine advice, this is a BANDAID solution. If you remove the cells, it doesn’t get rid of HPV so the abnormal cells will quickly return usually with a vengeance. There also is a lot of risks with this procedure that they don’t tell you about like potentially damaging your cervix. More women than you think are sadly infertile after this procedure.

Here are two vitamins I put a big emphasis on in my practice for HPV patients:

B vitamins (focusing on #folate)- you need enough folate for proper methylation (bee #pollen, #beef heart)

Vitamin A (#Retinol)- has antiviral properties and is needed for proper cell function (beef liver, pastured #eggs, raw #dairy)

Obviously there is a lot more to the picture than this but it is all highly individualized and tailored to you! These are just the top 2 vitamins I have noticed that almost all my HPV clients are deficient in.

So please don’t sit back and let your HPV diagnosis take over you. Reach out to a practitioner who is willing to listen and take the necessary actions needed to become HPV free. I am taking clients on now, you can book your free consult on my website.


Katie xx

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