Are Prenatal Vitamins Really Necessary?

You do need extra nutrients when pregnant there is no doubting that but do you really need an array of synthetic vitamins and minerals from a prenatal?

My opinion is NO! You need strategic nutrition strategies and/or whole food encapsulated supplements so your body can use these nutrients effectively to maintain a healthy #pregnancy without increasing #inflammation or depleting other nutrients. Not to mention #prenatal vitamins don’t even cover all the nutrients you need in pregnancy (retinol? choline?) and no where near enough of them.

The biggest mistake I see with my pregnant clients is they are taking a prenatal that contains IRON. Iron is known to feed infections & overgrowths, increase oxidative stress and deplete vitamin E and magnesium (critical nutrients for pregnancy). It’s a big no from me even if you are “anemic” or have low ferritin levels on blood work. I have another post on this to check out. If there is one thing to stay away from in prenatals it is this.

In general, most #prenatals contain very cheap/poor forms of #nutrients and they are lacking the cofactors and enzymes needed to actually use these nutrients. Nutrients from food always win because they are in the proper ratios and pairings our body needs them to be. For example, I have yet to find a prenatal that has a good #calcium to #magnesium ratio (even those professional grade brands). If you look back through my posts, you can see there are a lot of #supplements I don’t recommend that are typically what a prenatal consists of 🥴

As always, this is not medical advice & talk to your practitioner I don’t want to scare people out of taking a prenatal because I want you to feel comfortable with whatever you choose. However, I want #women to understand that it is not a magic pill that replaces food and it actually can do more harm than good.

Here are some alternatives I use with clients (all found in my shop with discounts):

Calcium- Ancestral Supplements bone marrow or ground eggshells (recipe in another post)

Iron, Retinol- Ancestral Supplements beef liver

Vitamin C- Paleovalley essential C complex

#Magnesium- Lifeblud magnesium bicarbonate or chelated magnesium glycinate

#Zinc, Selenium, Iodine- Mitolife encapsulated oysters

B vitamins- Ancestral Supplements beef heart or bee pollen - be careful with these cause you really don’t want excess

#VitaminD- SUN

If I have a client who still doesn’t feel comfortable without a prenatal, we will use the Garden of Life chewable prenatal gummy combined with beef liver and magnesium!


Katie xx

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