Birth Control Pills Contain Iron

Yet another reason why I will never take the pill ever again.

If you’ve been here awhile, you already know the the #birthcontrolpill contains synthetic hormones that shut down communication between your brain and ovaries.

But how many of you knew most brands contain ferrous fumarate (the dangerous form of iron that your body must convert into a useable form)???

Luckily its only in the “sugar” pills but each one of these pills contains 74 mg of iron. That is far too much for me considering most of us already have excess iron in our tissues resulting in low ferritin levels on blood work.

Low #iron in the blood = too much iron in the tissue

What happens when there is too much iron in the tissue?

👉🏼 You feed pathogens and bad bacteria causing major gut dysbiosis and infections

👉🏼 You deplete bioavailable copper which is crucial for supporting your mitochondria, immune system and oddly enough is needed to convert this dangerous ferrous fumarate form of iron into a more stable safe form 😦

👉🏼 You deplete vitamin E which is an important antioxidant for hormones, skin and to combat free radical damage

This results in…


Autoimmune Disorders





Skin discolouration

Due to our bodies iron recycling system, we literally only need 1mg of dietary iron each day. AND EACH PILL CONTAINS 74 MG. yikes.

This amount of iron is going to overload the heck out of your iron recycling system and the other toxic substances in these pills like titanium dioxide, talc and rust are not doing your body any favours either.

The birth control types that I’ve researched and know contain iron are:

Lo loestrin Fe

Microgestin Fe

Junel Fe

Estrosep Fe

Lo Minastrin Fe


Iron is everywhere. It’s fortified in our water and in our food. We don’t need anymore iron! And most definitely not if you are on the birth control pill.

It’s sad seeing doctors and practitioners widely prescribe iron supplements because their client has low ferritin levels on blood work. This can be extremely dangerous to your health. It’s time to look at the bigger picture and be your own health advocate!


Katie xx

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