Carbohydrates Reduce Cortisol

maybe this is why low #carb / keto ppl are always so on edge lol

don’t fall for these #diets!!! they are a massive stressor on your body. it’s just short term gain for a lot of long term harm.

we all know that having high cortisol (our stress hormone) is very detrimental to our health. and if you aren’t eating carbs / natural sugars regularly, your #cortisol is going to be chronically high. if your cortisol is chronically high, it’s going to suppress #thyroid function which regulates every other system in your body!

hello unstable blood sugar, low hcl, leaky gut, dysbiosis, low progesterone, weight gain, pathogens/parasites, sluggish liver etc...

this is why a lot of people eat super high carb dinners / bed time snacks because this is when you want your cortisol to be the lowest in order to get a good night sleep. so this is your permission to continue eating sugar in the form of #glucose (whole food carbs), fructose (fruit) and lactose (dairy).

yes pretty much all carbs break down into glucose! don’t fear sugar!!! this is what fuels our cells.

have you heard that like 80% of our population is deficient in #magnesium? this is partly due to poor soil quality but also has a lot to do with the high amounts of #stress our society is under. stress depletes magnesium at a very fast rate. and magnesium is the most important mineral in the body and is needed for over 400 enzymatic reactions. I like to call it the #hormone superhero!

I personally think everyone should be supplementing with magnesium in different forms like: glycinate, malate, bicarbonate, chloride (topical) because it is so hard to get enough from food. magnesium bicarbonate is my fav cause it’s the most natural form aka your body can absorb and use it really well.

link in my shop for 10% off Live Pristine electrolyte balance liquid or powder (this is the mag bicarbonate I use).

mag supplementation is generally pretty safe for everyone. if you take too much, the worst is usually just #diarrhea! but please always talk to your health care practitioner first.


Katie xx

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