Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are seriously one of the most amazing tools to have in your toolbox! I get mine from Queen of The Thrones because I trust their high quality standard and they make it sooo easy. You can purchase one here but be sure to use KATIE10 for 10% off at checkout. It is important to get cold pressed that is stored in a dark glass bottle as these fats will still break down when exposed to a lot of light (who knows how long it has been sitting on the shelf). I only recommend topical use and do not recommend using if pregnant as it can act as a mild detoxifier. However, they are great support if you are trying to conceive or are postpartum. It is a myth that you can't use on your period- it's perfectly safe for this and is actually extremely beneficial.

Castor oil packs have an array of benefits and many uses as I explain below. I see a lot of confusion as to whether castor oil is a PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acid) or not. Please note that it is not, I try to limit the PUFA's I put on my body as they will oxidize on your skin just like they oxidize in your body and don't forget, 60% of what you put on your body gets absorbed into your blood stream. It is a MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid) made from castor beans which come from a plant called ricus communis. Castor oil is very high in ricinoleic acid, omega 9 and vitamin E making it a strong anti-inflammatory. Omega 9 is particularly known for its ability to relieve pain. However, it also contains quercetin which is a strong antioxidant contributing to its amazing anti-inflammatory effects. My favourite part about quercetin is that it's a natural iron chelator meaning it can help safely remove iron from the body and decrease iron absorption. Head back to read my post on iron overload and why anemia doesn't truly exist. Once I understood this concept, my health transformed. Quercetin is more commonly known for its natural flavonoids and its ability to protect against the damages of lipid per-oxidation.

Here are some of the many ways to use castor oil packs:

-over your liver (right upper abdomen) to support detoxification

-over your lower abdomen to support bowel movements

-over your ovaries to help ovarian cysts and follicle health

-over your breasts to help breast cysts

-over any spot where you feel pain, cramping or have scarring

-on your hair (head, eyelashes, eyebrows) to help with growth

-over your lower back (kidneys, adrenals)

-on acne breakouts

I like to dab about 1tbsp all over the pack and wear the pack while I sleep (most nights). I personally keep it over my liver all night as I lean slightly more to the estrogen dominant side and the liver is what processes excess hormones for excretion. With the amount of toxins all around us, I know my liver could use some extra support. Here are all the reasons why I love utilizing castor oil packs...

-better circulation

-promotes relaxation

-stimulates bowel movement if constipated

-alleviates dry skin

-prevents acne

-reduces inflammation

-stimulates hair growth

-induces labour

-anti-fungal properties

-scalp treatment

-chelates iron and reduces absorption

-helps balances sex and adrenal hormones

-helps period cramping

-reduces pain and scarring

So many benefits! You can't go wrong with these. Queen of The Thrones does recommend replacing your pack every 4 months or so if you are a frequent user. To wash, I usually lay it out in the dishwasher and put it through a light cycle- this seems to be the least damaging. If you are looking to use solely for your hair, they have mini packs!

Not medical advice.


Katie xx

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