Dairy Is NOT Inflammatory And Is Actually A Hormone Superfood

Updated: Jun 10

I definitely fell for this whole #dairyfree trap because as soon as my doctor and naturopath realized I had #PCOS and acne they were immediately like you cannot eat dairy lol

This could not be more false. The problem is not dairy itself but is…

1. The Quality

If you are buying those cheap GMO dairy products at the grocery store than yes of course its going to be damaging and inflammatory. But if you are getting your dairy from a well known farm that raises their cattle on grass and is barely pasteurized and homogenized, your hormones and metabolism will thank you!

2. Your Gut Health

Many people come to me saying I am dairy free because I get this, this and this symptom when I consume it. this is not because of the dairy but rather a sign that you have poor #gut function and never eating #dairy again is a band-aid approach. eliminating dairy temporarily is likely necessary while you work on healing your intestinal lining and digestion but ultimately, you want to restore metabolic health so your body can produce the lactase enzyme again in order to properly breakdown and absorb all the wonderful benefits of dairy. With my clients, I usually start by eliminating hard to digest foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, raw cruciferous vegetables and add in more gut healing foods like bone broth and #gelatin gummies. Once their gut is in better shape, we slowly reintroduce A2 dairy (goat, sheep etc.), then hard cheeses and work our way up. If you don’t use it, you lose it so its important to go veryyyy slow when reintroducing. In the meantime, if you need a dairy free alternative #coconut is your best option.

Why is dairy so nourishing?

  1. It’s the perfect balance of macros (fat, complete protein, carb)

  2. Rich in bio-available calcium & phosphorous (if you eat meat, this is imperative to maintain calcium-phosphorus blood balance)

  3. Rich in fat soluble vitamins like A, D, K2

  4. Rich in magnesium, potassium and selenium

  5. Mainly consists of saturated fat which is NOT inflammatory and is extremely protective. It is necessary for a healthy intestinal lining and is needed to produce hormones.

Quality dairy is a very #prometabolic food. I am so sad that I cut it out for so many years thinking that was the healthy thing to do. Don’t be like me! Aim to get raw, low or no pasteurization, non-homogenized (if you can access), organic grass fed dairy with NO fortified vitamins added.

I hate to break it to you, but replacing your cow’s milk with almond milk isn’t doing your hormones or gut any favours. Humans have been consuming real cow’s milk for thousands of years. It is very natural and the minimal amount of hormones in it will not impact your hormone levels.


Katie xx

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