Histamine Intolerance

If you suffer from...

  1. headaches or migraines

  2. nausea

  3. seasonal allergies

  4. irregular periods or painful periods

  5. digestive issues

  6. eczema or psoriasis

Than you may have a histamine intolerance! If you have ever been told you have IBS than it is definitely something worth looking into.

When my clients come to me with a histamine intolerance or I suspect it, we will work on supporting our body so it can break down histamine more effectively.

These are some ways that I find helpful:

1. Consider a grass fed beef kidney glandular like the one from Ancestral Supplements as its high in the DAO enzyme (because the kidneys are what produce this enzyme) which is needed to break down and clear histamine. There is a discount in my shop! Nettle can help with this as well!

2. Support the clearance of excess estrogen as estrogen stimulates histamine release and down regulates the DAO enzyme. Another thing nettle is great for! I also like raw carrot salads to bind to the excess estrogen in the gut and supporting the liver through Queen of the Thrones castor oil pack. There is a discount in my shop. Calcium d-glucarate is another good option to aid estrogen metabolism which can be found by clicking Fullscript in my shop if you are Canadian or by clicking Spectrum Supplements in my shop if you are from elsewhere.

3. SOMETIMES a spore based probiotic (like the one from Microbiome Labs in my shop) is helpful because histamine breaks down in the gut and estrogen needs to be cleared from the gut but I do not recommend a probiotic unless you have done a GI map test and/or have ruled out SIBO. It’s estimated that 80% of people with digestive issues have SIBO so that would need to be addressed first. Spore based and bifido based probiotics could be helpful afterwards.

4. Consider working with a skilled practitioner to order an HTMA test as high iron, low magnesium and low bioavailable copper increases histamine. I do this test tons in my practice and it’s extremely useful. Blood tests are not an accurate way to test minerals.

5. Support the immune system with things like a thymus glandular from Ancestral Supplements (discount in my shop). Thymus contains a hormone (thymosin) that can help destroy foreign invaders and modulate the immune system. Colostrum by Ancestral Supplements is also good to support the immune system with immunoglobulins!

In terms of diet, this needs to be very specific because you want to be aware of higher histamine foods while still eating in a way that supports your metabolism. A lot of people make the mistake of cutting out high histamine foods altogether but I personally believe you need to be more strategic with this or else the histamine intolerance will return with a vengeance.

Not medical advice, always discuss with your practitioner.


Katie xx

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