Is Coffee Good For You?

#coffee is a controversial topic in the #nutrition industry but it really just comes down to how you drink it. if your cup of morning coffee brings you joy, then don’t cut it out!

coffee has some amazing #metabolic effects because it allows your body to use glucose quicker which results in more energy production (fuel).

it also protects the liver from toxins and inhibits non-heme iron absorption (which is a good thing cause most of us have iron overload)

lastly, it is a potent source of #minerals like magnesium and potassium as well as antioxidants and B vitamins. although keep in mind excess #caffeine will deplete these #nutrients.

BUT you are only going to reap all these benefits if you are drinking it in a smart way. otherwise, it will do more damage than good.

the smart way to drink your coffee:

1. always buy #organic as coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and is prone to #mycotoxins (mold).

2. drink with a carb (like #honey or maple syrup), a fat (like grass fed cream or coconut oil/cream), and a protein (like collagen or gelatin)- no more black coffees!!! black coffee is going to raise cortisol which will spike + drop blood sugar levels. this is why if you have black coffee on an empty #stomach you get shakes and are jittery.

3. drink soon AFTER breakfast- coffee is not what your body needs first thing in the morning before any real nourishment.

4. coffee is a mild diuretic so it’s important to only stick to 1 cup / day and ensure adequate hydration after.

5. it’s not meant for everyone right now in their health journey! depending on your circumstances, you may need to temporarily remove it. I personally rarely drink it because it heightens my anxiety but it will be apart of my daily routine again once my body can handle it :)

side note: decaf is a great alternative option too if you are just looking for the taste but make sure it’s not decaffeinated with chemicals 😬 for #decaf, I personally like roasted organic #dandelion + #chicory root tea as it has a coffee like taste.


Katie xx

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