Stop Cutting Meat From Your Diet!

Updated: Mar 5

It is nearly impossible to be healthy and be #vegan. These are just some of the things I recommend you take into consideration before cutting out meat entirely.

1. Collagen

Keeps our joints strong, intestinal lining sealed and hair, skin and nails healthy. The collagen our bodies produce naturally is not enough and we need to be consuming meat in order to get adequate amounts as it’s not found in plants. If you struggle with skin or digestive issues like acne and leaky gut- check your #collagen intake!

2. Creatine

This is important for our brains and bodies and is also only found in meat. Creatine helps cognition, brain function, focus, memory, physical performance etc. This is why you see high performance athletes supplementing with creatine.

3. Amino Acids

Animal food sources are complete proteins, containing all essential 9 amino acids which our bodies dont make on their own. We must eat these to build muscle, #hormones, neurotransmitters etc. You can get all essential amino acids from plant foods, but it’s tricky and requires planning.

4. Bioavailability of Nutrients

This is how well your body is actually absorbing nutrients. B12, Vitamin A (retinol), K2, D3, zinc, selenium, iron - these are all needed for healthy skin, hair, mood, immune system, hormones, gut, brain, liver- literally everything and they are a heck of a lot more bioavailable in #meat. You can get all these nutrients from plant sources, but again it’s not easy and your body won’t be absorbing or utilizing these #nutrients as well. The nutrient deficiencies usually show up years later. These bioavailable nutrients are absolutely crucial for your hormones and metabolic health.

Remember quality matters! Aim to get organic, grass fed and/or pasture raised.

P.S. your body can NOT #detoxify properly without animal proteins


Katie xx

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