Nuts/Seeds Are NOT A Replacement For Dairy

who knew dairy is actually good for us??? I went many years thinking it was the devil because that’s what this whole #plantbased movement has lead us to believe.

we shouldn’t be replacing it with less nutrient dense alternatives. I love my #nuts and #seeds in moderation but they are NOT a substitute for #dairy. Why?

👉🏽 they are filled with anti-nutrients (this is their defence against bugs) which make them nearly impossible to digest & latches on to important minerals like calcium and magnesium + they block the digestive enzymes that we need to break down #protein

👉🏽they tend to be high in PUFAs meaning they easily oxidize and go rancid with things like heat, light, oxygen AKA the human body. hello oxidative stress & inflammation.

👉🏽they mimic estrogen in the body (kinda like #xenoestrogens) which is linked to hormone imbalances. most of us have way too much estrogen, even if your blood works says it’s low it’s likely just built up in your tissues.

👉🏽they get stored in our tissues and prevent us from utilizing glucose (hello insulin resistance)

I don’t want you to fear nuts and seeds! I still eat them in their whole form. But the huge problem with all these plant based alternatives is that they are broken down & stripped of their natural vitamin e which protects us from the damages of PUFA’s & estrogen. Not to mention most people are heating their almond milk, melting their #cashew cheese and baking with almond flour which only just speeds up toxicity. These also tend to have fake fortified vitamins + added filler ingredients (like gums and carrageenan) that irritate the gut lining and are filled with mycotoxins (mold).

If you think back in history, people were consuming quality dairy and not weird nut alternatives all day long. We need to stop complicating #nutrition!!! And if you don’t believe me, take your temperature before and after a nut filled meal and watch your temperature drop! that’s your metabolism being suppressed. then watch it rise after a #dairy based meal.


Katie xx

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