Red Meat Over Poultry And Pork

Updated: Mar 5

Just to be clear- #chicken, turkey & pork aren’t bad for us by any means but when compared to beef, beef organs, lamb, venison etc. there really is no comparison and here’s why 👇🏼

✨they are not nearly as nutrient dense as #redmeat and are missing a lot of key nutrients like zinc, iron & b vitamins

✨they are higher in #PUFA (which are anti-metabolic and can contribute to oxidative stress / inflammation) because they can’t detoxify them as well whereas red meat is higher in saturated fats which are a lot more stable, nourishing and protective

✨they are high in #tryptophan which acts as a precursor to serotonin (a stress hormone not a happy hormone) which can lead to things like insulin resistance and a decrease in oxidative metabolism

the main point of this is to show you that red meat (grass fed) is extremely nourishing for us and isn’t unhealthy like we’ve all been told. it won’t raise your cholesterol, it won’t contribute to inflammation and it won’t cause diabetes or cancer...

I do of course still consume #poultry and pork for variety but not every single day! when I do eat these, I like to combine it with some high gelatinous protein like my gelatin gummies to mitigate some of the negative effects, combat the high amounts of methionine and slow down the tryptophan to #serotonin conversion.


Katie xx

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