Sleep Hack: Mouth Taping

I promise you it’s not that scary, your body won’t let you suffocate and the health benefits of nose breathing are so worth it!

Mouth breathers (which is most people) are highly prone to oral dysbisois (which leads to gut dysbiosis), tooth decay and #cavities. It is associated with higher cortisol levels, chronic #anxiety, #fatigue, poor memory/concentration, #weightgain, higher blood pressure, more inflammation, infertility and so much more. You are essentially depriving your organs of optimal oxygenation. If you have sleep apnea, have ever drooled in your sleep or if you snore- these are some pretty good signs you are a mouth breather 😬

I consider oral health and sleep to be two of the biggest factors for our overall health. If there is inflammation and an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your mouth (bad breath, bleeding gums, excess plaque, fuzzy or discouloured tongue etc.) than that is likely going on systemically throughout your body. I like to think of your mouth as a little reflection of your gut and should always be the first place you look when overcoming gut issues! After all, that is where everything starts.

The biggest thing I noticed when I started mouth taping is no more waking up in the middle of the night to go pee! Mouth taping along with a sleep mask was able to get my body into a deep REM sleep and a #parasympathetic state (rest & digest) which is what your body should be in when you are sleeping! The deep full night sleeps I was getting greatly increased my energy and allowed my circadian rhythm to properly regulate so my hormones could balance out!

Give it a try yourself! You may rip off your tape in your sleep for the first few weeks but as your body gets used to it, you will be able to go longer and longer. Yes our bodies have a natural instinct that will kick in so you will always be able to breathe haha. You can also wear it around your house so your body becomes comfortable with it. I like to use this tape from Amazon as it is much cheaper and does the same thing as the fancy marketed “mouth tape”.

This is not medical advice but it is safe for everyone and there is no negative impacts if you are using medical grade tape!


Katie xx

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