The Key Hormone For Period Problems

all hormones are ever trying to do is produce #progesterone!!!

literally my answer to anyone who comes to me with period problems/symptoms, #hypothalamicamenorrhea or #PCOS is increase progesterone. don’t get hung up on treating your #diagnosis, all it means is that there is metabolic chaos in your body.

forget about estrogen & testosterone, when you have adequate progesterone levels with good detox pathways those will balance themselves out.

this means you need to make sure you are #ovulating naturally and regularly each month because you can only produce progesterone when you are ovulating.

why might your progesterone be low or non existent?

⚡️birth control

⚡️stress: the biggest culprit as high cortisol increases estrogen, steals progesterone

⚡️slow metabolism

⚡️nutrient deficiencies: especially vitamin c, e

⚡️blood sugar imbalances

⚡️under eating



⚡️environmental toxins

⚡️gut issues

progesterone is a very protective hormone that is pro-thyroid, pro-metabolic, anti-aging and anti-stress.

if any practitioner ever says to you that you need to lower progesterone/estrogen levels or “here’s a supplement to reduce estrogen or reduce #androgens” run the other way lol 🏃‍♀️

those are band aid approaches that aren’t getting you anywhere long term.

once you restore #metabolic function in order for your body to produce the amount of progesterone it needs to thrive than you will have happy periods for life! even if you are ovulating each month, you still may not be producing enough progesterone.

the first thing I do with my clients who have period problems is check metabolic health through basal body #temperatures and pulses💫


Katie xx

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