The Pill Isn't Your Only Option

What is the best method for #contraception?

Well technically, condoms are the most effective with the least amount of harmful effects but let’s be honest, no one likes using those. This is why I have outlined your other options here and the common culprit; synthetic hormones like estrogen and progestin (progesterone).

What exactly are synthetic hormones and what can they do to your body? Essentially, they are fake hormones that are made to replace the hormones your body is producing naturally. This means your body may struggle to find its natural hormonal rhythm after taking synthetic hormones for a substantial period of time. What does this look like? Could be Irregular periods, PMS, mood disorders, life-threatening illnesses, bloating/nausea, blood clots, #migraines, ovarian #cysts, #breast tenderness, acne/skin issues, hair loss, weight gain, #anxiety, #depression, gut dysbiosis, loss of libido and I could go on and on but I will stop there.

I personally choose the fertility awareness method and track cervical mucus as well as BBT every morning since I do not and will not put any toxins, synthetic hormones or devices into my body. However, this post is to provide you with all the information needed to make your own decision on what is best for your body. I am not saying one method is better than another as it really depends on each individual person and their needs.

Hormonal IUD: These are small T shaped devices that are inserted into your uterus and can last up to 6 years. They are probably the second most popular form of contraception next to the pill and can cause a lot of similar issues. Although they are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, most of them do contain progestin (synthetic version of progesterone).

Non-Hormonal IUD (Copper): The copper IUD doesn’t contain synthetic hormones but it still can indirectly impact your estrogen levels and add stress to your liver. Copper has an affinity for estrogen, meaning when you put copper into your body you are going to drive your estrogen up which leads to estrogen dominance (just like the pill). #Copper toxicity is also inevitable.

Birth Control Injection: The injection is an option that doctors usually suggest to females who can’t go on the pill for whatever reason. The injection is a birth control shot that is administered every 4 months and is 94% effective at preventing #pregnancy but unfortunately still contains the synthetic hormones, progestin.

Vaginal Ring/The Patch: The vaginal ring is a small ring inserted into the vagina for three weeks and then removed for one week. It is 91% effective at preventing pregnancy. The patch is also 91% effective at preventing pregnancy and is a transdermal patch (changed weekly) that sticks to your body. Unfortunately, both of these options contain a combination of both synthetic hormones; estrogen and progestin.

Fertility Awareness Method: This is the only natural method. Go to my website shop and order my Fertility Awareness + Metabolism guide for everything you need to know.


Katie xx

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