What Is The Cause of All Imbalances In The Body?

YOUR #METABOLISM- and I’m talking about your metabolism on a #cellular level!

our cells are fuelled by the nutrients we eat which turns into energy aka our metabolism. this energy is how we produce hormones, detoxify, digest etc.

pretty much if you don’t have enough thyroid hormone (metabolism regulator), or you aren’t converting/using it well, ALL your body processes slow down.

your immune system will be suppressed, your stomach acid will be low, blood circulation will be reduced, progesterone will be low, digestion will be slow, minerals will be imbalanced I could go on and on…

low metabolic function allows #bacteria, #parasites, #mould, #yeast to thrive and make a nice little home in your #gut. you can do as many parasite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleanses as you want but until you heal your metabolism, they will just keep coming back.

it’s up to your body to fight these foreign invaders off before they come in, #overgrow and disrupt your body. you need good metabolic health to do this.

it’s the same with hormones. the biggest mistake I see is women solely focusing on balancing estrogen, progesterone and testosterone without looking at WHY these are imbalanced in the first place. hint: it’s usually low metabolic function!

they automatically jump to taking inositol, synthetic b vitamins, synthetic vitamin c and chaste tree but these are all band-aid “fixes”.

the biggest driver of low metabolic function is #STRESS. of course there are other things too like birth control, #toxins, heavy metals, under-eating, drugs, over the counter / prescription medication but stress is the big one.

slow metabolism = #PMS, weight gain, indigestion, #constipation, acne, fatigue, brain fog, depression/anxiety, bloating/gas, heavy/painful periods, hair loss, irregular periods, cold hands/feet, #dryskin and so much more.

if you suffer from any of these, its time to check your thyroid. getting a full thyroid panel from your doc is a good start: TSH, T4, T3, rT3, Anti TPO’s but please do not stop there.

I recommend doing basal body temperature test for a few weeks and a #hair mineral analysis test to properly assess.

Both my e-books in my shop are great starting points for tracking and improving metabolic health!


Katie xx

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