What the colour of your period is telling you

Everyone talks about the length of your period, when it comes and the symptoms that come along with it but no one talks about the colour. And the colour will tell you a lot about your overall hormone health- see below. As mentioned in some of my other posts, I also like to keep track of basal body temperature and ovulation to assess hormone health.

Bright Red: IDEAL. This is what I always aim for with my clients. It means your uterine lining is shedding at a good pace, you have good oxygenation and not a lot of inflammation.

Pink: Usually nothing really to worry about. If you are over 40 it could be a sign of peri-menopause. If under 40, check for low stored iron in the blood but high iron in the tissue. If you have this classic iron picture, work on increasing bioavailable copper through diet.

Brown: This is usually a sign of low progesterone. However, it can be normal at the very end of your period. See my other posts on how to increase progesterone naturally.

Dark Purple: This is usually a sign of excess estrogen and poor estrogen detoxification. You need to support both phases of your liver! I recently made a post on castor oil packs which are amazing for this- go check it out. It can be really helpful to run a DUTCH test as well to see how estrogen is being metabolized and converted.

Orange: Sometimes this happens with pregnancy but more often it's indicative of an infection.

Grey: Highly likely there is an infection present like bacterial vaginosis

I also want to bring up period clots as this is important. Small clots during your heaviest flow days can be normal but any clot bigger than a quarter is not normal or if they hurt to pass. If you experience lots of clots, I would check into endometriosis as this accompanied with period pain and heavy bleeding are clear signs. If it's just a bit of clotting but they are large, you likely are deficient in Vitamin E which a lot of people are. This is the vitamin E supplement I recommend to my clients. You can use code KATIEMCKERSIE for a discount. Also if your period has an excessive odour to it, it could mean that there is a bacterial imbalance since your vagina is home to many different types of bacteria. This can throw off the pH of the vagina and create a funky smell. If this is the case, make sure to avoid tampon use. I don't recommend tampons to begin with as most of them are super toxic, risky, not hygienic and they block the natural flow of our periods. Then you can begin working with a practitioner to use antibacterial herbs and. other modalities to reverse dysbiosis.


Katie xx

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