What Type of Fat Is Healthiest?

yes #fat is actually healthy for us!!! but the type matters...

of course, avoid trans fats and vegetable oils like the plague but here is something you probably didn’t know 👇🏼

saturated fats are the best because they are a lot more resilient to light/ heat and less likely to cause #oxidativestress! they are extremely protective and are amazing for hormone health because we can use it to convert cholesterol into #pregnenolone which is the mother of all hormones! I love to cook with these fats cause they are highly stable and make veggies (especially cruciferous) a lot easier to digest :) psst. they don’t cause heart disease or inflammation. They are the backbone to our sex hormones, bile (how we breakdown fat) and every cell in our body.

monounsaturated fats are kinda like a mix of both saturated & #polyunsaturatedfats. still store these in the fridge & if heating make sure it is at medium level. I like to add avocados and olives in to my diet often for variety!

polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) are the most detrimental to our #health as they are usually high in anti nutrients which are very irritating to the gut, they suppress metabolism and they are extremely unstable. this means they can easily go rancid & oxidize contributing to #inflammation in the body. big post on this coming soon! but remember- you don’t need to cut out completely just store in a glass dark bottle in the fridge, don’t heat any form of these & don’t overdo it!

all the foods I listed contain a mixture of all these types of fats but I categorized them based on what they are primarily consisted of 🥰


Katie xx

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