Why Is Ovulation So Important?

#Ovulation is the best indication of a woman’s health and it is the most important event in your menstrual cycle! not your period- OVULATION!

when you are ovulating regularly, your body feels that it is safe to reproduce meaning you are nourishing it well!

you can get a monthly bleed and not be ovulating- this is what every hormonal form of birth control does! any “period” you get with birth control is just a withdrawal bleed and isn’t a true #period. a true period requires ovulation.

in some cases, you will stop birth control and get a period but you still may not be ovulating. it takes time for your hormones to adjust. the best way to check this is using the #fertility awareness method (see my other posts).

but let’s talk about the most important hormone involved in ovulation- #PROGESTERONE. your body can only make progesterone when you are ovulating.

progesterone is your calming anti-inflammatory hormone that increases your metabolism, balances #estrogen and #testosterone levels and is extremely protective for your bones and heart.

so why do you feel so good when on hormonal birth control if you aren’t ovulating thus not producing progesterone? It contains synthetic progesterone called progestin. and once you stop birth control, your body forgets how to produce progesterone on its own because it hasn’t had to for so long.

welcome post birth control syndrome. it ain’t fun. it can look like #acne, #fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, irritability, excessive gas, #bloating, anxiety/depression and so much more.

the benefits of ovulation are endless and I highly recommend working with a women’s health practitioner to optimize it.

If you aren’t ready to quit birth control yet- that is totally okay it can be a scary thing! but at least now you are making an informed choice.

lastly lets set one thing straight: any form of birth control does not and will not balance your hormones. I know your doctor says it does but I can promise you it is only suppressing them. please be your own health advocate!!!


Katie xx

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