Why You Shouldn't Supplement With Vitamin C As Ascorbic Acid

Check the ingredients in your Vitamin C supplement as well as any #multivitamin, immune support, veggie greens or adrenal support! I feel like everyone is taking vitamin C now but 99% of them are made from ascorbic acid (even those high quality brands).

Unfortunately, ascorbic acid is synthetic and is nowhere near the same as real vitamin C and can do more harm than good. It usually derived from GMO corn.

Whole food vitamin C has bioavailable copper and that is usually the root cause to anemia because it is needed to move iron in the blood. Bioavailable copper also plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy #immune system, #mitochondria, thyroid and so much more.

And guess what depletes you of real vitamin C and prevents the absorption of copper?


Ascorbic acid is NOT an antioxidant like real vitamin C and it actually can cause oxidative stress in the body (main driver of all disease). Studies show it can contribute to genotoxins that can lead to cancer, another study showed thickening of the arteries and a third study showed it interfered with antioxidant enzymes.

It’s sad how vitamin C and ascorbic acid are used interchangeably now when they have completely different effects on a cellular level.

Ascorbic acid competes for the #vitaminC binding sites on our cells causing you to just pee out actual vitamin C.

Whole food vitamin C contains an enzyme called tyrosinase which is a three sided pyramid that contains copper at all four points. Ascorbic acid does not have this enzyme and thus does not have bioavailable copper. Your body needs bioavailable copper to get the benefits of vitamin C.

There are so many benefits to vitamin C but you don’t get any of these benefits when it’s not in the whole food form. Whole food vitamin C is a powerful #antioxidant that supports the immune system, increases progesterone for better ovulation and to combat #estrogen dominance, reduces oxidative stress and combats the effects of stress and increases bioavailable copper.

The adrenal glands depend on real vitamin C and they store 95% of it. The adrenal glands are what produce your sex hormones and regulate your stress response. It’s pretty important you support them especially if you have hormone imbalances.

If you don’t think you can get enough vitamin C from foods like citrus fruit, bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, camu camu, acerola cherries etc. than check out Paleovalley's Essential C complex. It is derived purely from organic #superfoods with no synthetic vitamin C! Use the link in my shop for 15% off :)


Katie xx

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