You likely don't need a Vitamin D supplement

This is all stemming from Morley Robbins research on Vitamin (hormone) D supplements!

First off, vitamin D is a steroid #hormone NOT a #vitamin. I personally don't think it is ever a good idea to supplement with a hormone (hence why I don't recommend #melatonin either). However, vitamin D in particular can cause a lot of #stress on your body...

  • depletes retinol, potassium, magnesium & copper

  • retinol is needed to activate vitamin d yet supplementing blocks the absorption of retinol

  • creates calcification of the soft tissue

  • causes mineral imbalances

  • our bodies store vitamin d for the winter months

  • low vitamin d means high inflammation

  • vitamin d is synthesized from cholesterol

  • low enzymes & imbalanced minerals cause low vitamin d

  • magnesium deficiency is the real culprit of low vitamin D as it’s responsible for the conversion (most of us are mag deficient)

  • you need vitamin k2 to activate vitamin d which most ppl don’t have enough of

  • does not strengthen bones or prevent bone loss

  • typical blood work only tests stored vitamin d which is NOT the marker for immune response. this is only looking at one tiny portion of the whole picture

  • it can be stored in the liver for years, you just got to get your body to use it

I am not anti-vitamin D completely! I think a SMALL amount (400 IU) can sometimes be great for some people. I do not think it is rat poison like some people say. However I do think it is very over used and over dosed.

Of course, Vitamin D is so important for your #immune system and many functions in the body. but let’s be clear that supplementing is NOT the same as natural #vitamind from #sunlight and food.

25D (stored vitamin d) often shows up low on blood work for people so they immediately jump to supplementation (like I did). they are missing a big chunk of the picture. first off, stored vitamin D pretty much tells us nothing. your doctor needs to be testing active vitamin D. many people have very low storage D but very high active D but are still supplementing because they didn’t investigate further.

Second of all, you gotta ask WHY you are deficient. it’s not due to periods of time where you have less sunlight, that is completely natural, our bodies are way smarter than that.

Before supplementing you NEED to look at and address some of the most common root causes otherwise you are doing your health a major disservice…

  1. #magnesium & #retinol deficiencies

  2. chronic inflammation

  3. poor #liver & #kidney health

  4. over consumption of #herbicides

  5. lack of #enzymes

  6. low #cholesterol / not eating enough saturated fats

  7. poor #digestion & little consumption of fat soluble nutrients

And of course get out in the sun without sunscreen or sunglasses as much as possible and soak up as much natural D as you can :) never medical advice, talk to your practitioner ❤️


Katie xx

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