Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is a type of integrative medicine that focuses on bringing balance back to all body systems rather than treating each individual symptom separately. It uses functional diagnostic lab testing to look at the body as a whole and discover hidden stressors. 

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This type of integrative medicine focus heavily on nutritional practices as well as lifestyle choices and strategic supplementation. It is a patient centred approach where we give YOU the tools and knowledge needed to regain your health. We do not diagnose or treat. 


Instead of waiting for your symptoms to turn into a disease, we take preventative measures to build your body back up from years of stress, poor diet and a toxic lifestyle before it’s too late. We do not offer generic meal or supplement plans because this is a personalized method to optimizing health. 


Key Principles: 


  • Acknowledgement that each person is biochemically unique and has their own needs

  • The importance of addressing the mind, body and spirit in each individual 

  • The promotion of whole, nutritious foods and the necessity of living a non toxic life

  • Acknowledgement that supplementation is a helpful addition to whole, nutritious food

  • Respecting the contribution of other health care providers and the need to collaborate


Functional nutrition is complementary to western medicine and is fully backed by science. There are many studies showing connections between different systems/organs in our body and how they all collectively play a role in disease. 


For example, the following conditions have all been proven to correlate back to a disrupted gut microbiome; hypo/hyper thyroidism, anxiety/depression, autoimmunity, heart disease, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, migraines etc. None of these conditions are directly apart of the gastrointestinal tract but it still plays a massive role.


This is what functional nutrition is all about; looking at your body from a broad perspective to piece together your health puzzle and bring your entire body back into balance. Rather than prescribing drugs for each disease, functional nutrition investigates why the disease has occurred in the first place and works to reverse it.