Hormone Health


A metabolic disorder that has nothing to do with the cysts on your ovaries. In fact, there are many people with PCOS who don’t have cysts and many people with cysts who don’t have PCOS.


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Primary: menstruation has not begun by age 16

Secondary: absence of menstruation for three consecutive cycles or a time period of 6 months in a woman who was previously menstruating 

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Post Birth Control Syndrome

Thinking of coming off birth control? Maybe you already have?


The side effects many women experience on and after any type of birth control can be extremely scary and daunting but I am here to help!

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HPA Axis Dysregulation

Have you heard of adrenal fatigue before?


It is when there is a cortisol (stress hormone) imbalance in your body which has caused your adrenals to lose function.

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The thyroid is a vital hormonal gland located at the base of the neck. It is the master regulator of every system in our body because it determines our metabolic rate. Our cells are fuelled by the nutrients we eat which turns into energy (metabolism).