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The Acne Solution

Your step by step blueprint to clear skin from within!

Exhausted and overwhelmed trying to heal acne on your own? Tried every skincare routine, every topical and every medication out there? Let’s put an end to that. Acne is not an infection on the skin but rather an internal imbalance
(shh the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know that). 
You must discover the imbalances rooted inside you and reverse them through proper nourishment.
This is the only permanent and sustainable solution to acne. 

After years of clinical practice, we have narrowed down 5 main categories that cause acne and split them up into the following modules. 



  • Goal of The Program

  • Disclaimer

  • Preparation Tasks

  • Concluding Tasks

  • Symptom Analysis & Root Cause Quiz

That's over $3000 total value and you can access it all for just one payment of $499 CAD! That's less than $400 USD.

(Many people will add functional test(s) to their cart when checking out but this is NOT required to do the program)


The Results!

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This course is for you if…

You’ve tried all the diets and nothing seems to work

You have spent thousands of dollars on practitioners, testing and supplements but you still have acne 

You have tried every skincare regime and every ointment/topical but nothing works 

You find yourself eating healthy but your skin is still inflamed 

You want to be able to eat out and have food freedom 

Your labs come back “normal” but your skin and body are saying otherwise 

You’ve been to many dermatologists and doctors just for them to tell you to wash your face more 

You are confused and overwhelmed about what to eat or what not to eat for skin health 

You are stressed out by the way your skin looks and feels 

You want to feel confident in your own skin and not hide anymore 

Imagine this...

Your skin is clear from pimples & inflammation is down

Your skin is perfectly hydrated - not too oily or dry! 

You have a regular cycle with pain free periods and no PMS 

You no longer look 6 months pregnant every night from bloat

You are having consistent, healthy bowel movements

Redness and discolouration has disappeared

Psoriasis and eczema patches have diminished

You finally got your energy and stamina back 

Your hair is growing back and scalp is no longer irritated 

You no longer get anxious and stressed out by minor inconveniences

These are common wins people are experiencing in
The Acne Solution right now!

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Anyone who registers for The Acne Solution is eligible to join The Community

In this group we will...
  • Hold each other accountable to our goals
  • Learn from each others experiences & mistakes
  • Build connections & friendships with others in similar situations
  • Support each other throughout our journey 
  • Share wisdom & clear skin tips

Katie will also be coming into the group each week to answer your personal health questions! Katie's professional advice can help target and advance your individual clear skin journey. 
You can be part of The Community for just a small fee of $4.99 CAD / month!
*Cancel anytime
*Only available for The Acne Solution participants

Want to join our exclusive community?

The Community

Hi! I'm Katie- Creator of The Acne Solution

I am a post birth control acne & rosacea survivor ready to teach you my fail proof solution to clear skin!

I've cleared my skin holistically, I've cleared my clients skin holistically and now it's time to clear yours. 


This is what

others are saying on their clear skin journey!

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