Chelsea Friedman 

📍St. Catharines, ON

I have worked with Katie for almost 4 months now and I have noticed drastic difference in my skin. I had perfect skin before birth control and Katie help me get it back. I’m beyond thankful. There is no more hyperpigmentation any longer and no active pimples. I wasted so much money on skincare before her and tried everything under the sun to get it gone. Im so happy she achieved what I wanted in a holistic way and truly fixed all the damage birth control did to my skin. She is well worth it!!! 


Claudia Iman 

📍Washington, DC

I loved working with Katie. I wish I had before pictures of my skin (I was way too embarrassed to take any back then) but oh my god. I feel like a completely new woman. I had horrible cystic acne on my jaw line for as long as I can remember and had seen multiple dermatologists about it. I went on and off spiro, birth control and accutane for years and sometimes it would get better but it would always come back. Im so happy I found Holistico. She gave me my confidence back! I don’t cry looking in the mirror any longer, there is hardly anything there anymore eeeep. 


Jasmyn Evatt

📍Cleveland, Ohio

Today I have finished 10 weeks working with Katie and here is what I have noticed: 1. Eczema was entirely gone within the first two weeks 2. Redness in my face has decreased but still working on it 3. I feel a lot more confident now and don’t need to wear makeup 4. I no longer get massive whiteheads on my forehead or little blackheads on my cheeks 5. I am not nearly as bloated or gassy as what I used to be (I think I had SIBO and she got rid of it) 6. My periods are way more manageable 


Melissa Khalife

📍Miami, Florida

These services have changed my life for the better! I have worked with Katie for the past few months and have seen real results that make me stronger everyday. after struggling for 10 years with major hormonal issues, i finally have answers and protocols that the doctors never gave me. Katie is so patient, kind, and attentive and wants her clients to feel as great as they can so she is very dedicated to your journey. 1000% recommend to anyone who is ready to take back their health and regulate their hormones.


Rym Toumi

📍Calgary, AB

If you’re looking for a support, a friend, someone that listen to you and try all her best to help you out then you should look for Katie!!! I have tears in my eyes when I remember how sick I was when I started my journey with her and how I feel now, my anxiety and depression are almost gone, my gut is much better and I can eat almost everything, I’m able to workout again and so much more things that got me to trust my body again and be able to heal from all my health issues. It’s been already a year together with Katie and she will remain my forever support!


Chrishanti Sloan

📍Nassau City, Bahamas

I'm just about a month into working with Katie and she's extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I already have less stomach pains/heartburn/ reflux, better sleep, better digestion and am noticing skin improvements. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to make diet and lifestyle changes to truly transform their health for the better!


Lizzy Walther

📍New York City, NY

Before meeting you I was constantly bloated, scared of my celiac disease, scared of food and feeling hopeless. Some days I would eat nothing while others I would have bizarre cravings and binge eat ice cream at 12 AM. Now I feel balanced. I actually have a metabolism. My cravings have completely disappeared. My bloating has improved tremendously. Most importantly- I feel more myself than I have since being diagnosed with Celiac and so much happier! Also- For the first time in (quite possibly my entire life) I am having regular bowel movements!! 😭 I had tried increasing my water intake, eating prunes, and taking prescription laxatives… nothing worked. After following my protocol for only 2 months I have gone two weeks with no constipation. 


Chloe Lapenat

📍New York City, NY

Katie is by far the best nutritionist I have ever worked with and I can honestly say I’ve worked with many of them. We are working towards healing years and years of gut distress and I feel heard, and reassured working with her. Katie is always there to respond to any inquiries and gives me time to really hear my journey. I am beyond looking forward to experiencing as much relief as I have experienced thus far. If I could give her six stars I would. 100% recommend if you’re looking to heal. 


Bryanna Collier

📍Indianapolis, Indiana

Katie is simply put: amazing! I have been working with her the past couple of months and my metabolism has seen such an improvement. She has helped pair me with proper nutrition and supplements for my body/needs. My bloating is far less/if any some days which has been an issue for about a decade now. She is super kind and willing to help whenever I reach out on the portal! It’s not a consultation and move on mentality - I know I can reach out anytime and she will brainstorm solutions with me! I strongly recommend working with her!


Jen Nobre & Peter Moutinho

📍Newmarket, ON

Katie has been a tremendous help to our family with regards to our nutritional health and overall well-being.  She has been there for us every step of the way providing guidance, knowledge and assistance especially throughout difficult times in our day to day life.  We are extremely grateful to Katie for everything she has done for us and look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Thank you Katie!!!


Deidre Anderson

📍Missoula, Montana 

I recently did an HTMA test and met with Katie because I have been struggling with fatigue, acne, blood sugar issues,  and PMS symptoms.  I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and I have a good understanding of foundational health and how to support my body, but it was time to get a deeper look at what is happening on the inside. After meeting with Katie I felt like I got some answers to why I am struggling with these symptoms and she explained everything so well. I learned a lot just from our meeting because she went into detail on every single mineral and how it relates to other minerals and ways to support them. She also sent me a detailed outline of our session notes and a protocol. I loved that her recommendations were food, lifestyle, and supplements. I definitely plan on working with her again in the future and recommend working with her if you are looking for 1:1 support!


Estie Spivakov 

📍Vaughan, ON

Katie is an incredibly knowledgeable nutritionist and has helped me completely change my outlook on food and what “eating healthy” actually means. I’ve taken away so many important points in regards to a proper diet, and this has significantly changed my relationship with food. If you’re looking for help with anything digestion-related and especially for a long-term solution to better skin, Katie is your go to! Highly recommend!


Sarah McKennan

📍Victoria, BC

Working with Katie has honestly changed my life! She gave me the confidence to come off the birth control pill and actually manage my PCOS. I have a whole new appreciation for my body and how to nourish it. I knew the transition wouldn’t be easy but Katie made it tolerable and everyday I am seeing improvements in my energy and mood. I highly recommend her, the money is worth it! She only works with women and her e-book has been an amazing resource that I still refer back to.


Hannah MacTaggart

📍Tottenham, ON

Katie McKersie of Holistico has been so helpful for me. After I went off the pill after being on birth control for 8 years, it was a scary thing to navigate. Katie and her programs have helped provide direction regarding my hormone imbalances that came from birth control. I can say with confidence that the Holistico program will greatly improve your life and get you back on track. I am able to let my body do its work without any interference from the doctors that did not take the time and care to understand my needs and body functionality goals. I have recommended Katie to every member of my family! Thank you Holistico for changing my life


Sylvia Martin

📍Oakland, CA

I have suffered from brutal stomach pain, heartburn and bloating for years and all I was ever told was that I had IBS. I didn’t know I could possibly have h pylori and SIBO but Katie ran a GI Map test on me and found so many things. I couldn’t believe it!! Now we are working on healing these. LADIES! Invest in yourself. You will have good days and bad days but Katie’s support and knowledge made it soooo much easier for me.


Stefanie Dubois

📍Bathurst, NB

I have thanked Katie 100x over and I will do it again! Prior to her help, I was not getting a period and had major digestive issues. It disrupted my everyday life. I originally started out seeing Katie virtually 3x / month because I desperately needed help. I tried every supplement out there and no natural path could figure out what was wrong. Katie was so respectful and educational each and every appointment. She paid close attention to every detail of my lab work. She taught me how to get to rid of my bloating for good and how to support my hormones instead of just throwing random diets and supplements at me. My body is no longer a foreign object to me. TMI but I no longer see blood in my stool and I don’t vomit mucus every morning which always made me so anxious and stressed. I now only need to see Katie once a month since she taught me how to take control of my health and live happy.


Marjan Ansari 

📍Montreal, QC

I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago and was put on birth control and metformin. When coming off the pill all my symptoms returned such as acne, hair loss, weight gain, hirsutism and irregular periods. Katie helped me through my journey of coming off the pill and balancing my hormones which resulted in so much more than just the reduction of symptoms. I now feel less anxious and my mood and energy levels have increased significantly. I feel more confident in myself thanks to Katie’s help and her knowledge, it so much easier for me to stick with my decision of stopping birth control after 5 years and fixing the root cause of my PCOS while reversing symptoms. I was always told my doctors that the only thing that will help with my PCOS is birth control and I am now so happy to have found someone who actually listened to my concerns and addressed them.


Jessica Garcia

📍Toronto, ON

6 MONTHS IN AND MY ACNE IS NON EXISTENT!!! I have dealt with hormonal and fungal acne ever since coming off the birth control pill. It was small bumps on my forehead and huge cystic lumps on my jaw line and down my neck. After a few months of Katie’s help I saw drastic improvements that I never thought I could achieve without medication. After 6 months, I had no active pimples! I finally felt comfortable in my skin and actually went in public makeup free for the first time! Her program gave me the confidence I needed and my mental health improved significantly. Now I am working with her to improve scarring.


Mariana Badeaux

📍Gatineau, QC

I got my IUD taken out but still struggled with hormone imbalances like weight gain, depression and heavy painful periods. The side effects were terrible both with and without it. Katie ran a DUTCH test and taught me that I had really low progesterone and high estrogen from years of stress and unresolved trauma. I see her on a monthly basis now and it’s been life changing so far. I now know how to support my hormones, keep my blood sugar balance and I don’t hate my period anymore. I’m not 100% better yet but I know I’m on the right path.


Georgia Lapenat

📍Ottawa, ON

Katie is the most passionate practitioner out there. Not only is she incredibly supportive, but she lives and breathes what she practices. Since the beginning of my gut healing journey, she has been there for any questions I have and has guided me through the whole ROUGHEST times. Katie is incredibly knowledgeable and seeks sustainable healing for all her clients.


Ali Usoro

📍Guelph, ON

“Katie is such an amazing nutritionist when it comes to balancing minerals! I was anemic for years until I found her. Every doctor just prescribed iron supplements which killed my stomach and she explained it was making all my issues worse. We ran an HTMA test and she went through my results so thoroughly with me and what I needed to do. I am very thankful for her.


Hanna Johnson

📍Halifax, NS

I just got my period for the first time in 2.5 years!!! I have suffered from a severe eating disorder for the last 6 years and got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hypothalamic amenorrhea. I saw Katie and we worked on getting me ovulating again so I can have a natural period and improve my thyroid. I didn’t go to her regarding my eating disorder but my relationship with food has improved immensely. I no longer binge or think about food 24/7. It is such a weight off my shoulders. It took time but I am in such a happier place mentally and physically now. The price of her packages are very reasonable and you gain so much knowledge.


Julia Somerville

📍Toronto, ON

Katie has helped change my life as well as so many others. Her passion and genuine concern for people’s health is inspiring. I have suffered from gluten sensitivity/celiac disease for years and always assumed it would be something I lived with for the rest of my life. Katie looked at the big picture to figure out the root causes of my issues instead of fixing it with a “band aid approach”. She makes you feel heard and understood and is someone I trust with my health. If you are suffering with anything gut/hormone related and feel like your issues are being overlooked I highly suggest reaching out to Katie for help!


Noemi Weber

📍Chicago, IL

I was vegan for years because I thought it was better for my health. I didn’t touch meat or dairy. I thought this is whats best. After my hair started to thin and the eczema I was experiencing, I found Katie. She took the time to educate me on animal protein and how it can be really nourishing for my metabolism. We slowly reintroduced and I have cheese every night now before bed and eggs in the morning for breakfast and I have already noticed a significant improvement in my digestion and my hair is so much stronger. Katie has helped me gain my health back and improved my relationship with food! She will not put you on any restrictive diet which is nice.


Catherine Stewart

📍Owen Sound, ON

Katie has coached me on how to obtain nutrients naturally. Katie’s principles support my lifestyle choice to eliminate food toxins and synthetic supplements in my diet. This was sadly hard to find in a nutritionist but I am very grateful I found her


Courtney Miller

📍Port Chester, NY

I came to Katie with a weight loss goal of 30 pounds and was prepared to do whatever it took to lose it. We didn't focus on weight loss at all. We worked on detoxification, digestion and metabolic health mostly. She didn’t give me any meal plan. I didn't have to restrict or run or anything. She taught me how to actually nourish my body and I ate more than I ever have before but I still lost weight and am still losing weight. She is a gift to this world


Erin Grimes

📍Victoria, BC

I don’t dread my periods anymore! I used to be screaming in pain every time my period came because my cramps were so bad. Now they are completely painless. My PMS is gone and no more bloating or diarrhea with my period either. I can’t thank Katie enough.