Post Birth Control Syndrome

Let me first explain what happens when you are on the birth control pill specifically…


The pill contains synthetic versions of hormones like progesterone (progestin) and/or estrogen, these are not natural or bio-identical hormones. Your body grows accustomed to getting pumped with these synthetic hormones so it stops producing natural hormones on its own. Once you stop taking the birth control pill, your body can’t always restore its natural hormone production right away. 


And that’s not all. 


The pill actually decreases the good bacteria in your gut. This can cause gut dysbiosis which shuts down your immune system and leaves you susceptible to pathogenic bacteria, parasites and yeast overgrowths. The pill also depletes you of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, suppresses your thyroid, burdens your liver, dials up your inflammatory markers and puts you at risk for blood clots, multiple diseases and cancer. 


These are some of the most common symptoms women experience post birth control… 


Amenorrhea (loss of menstruation) 




Skin Issues 


Hair Loss




Gut Dysbiosis 


Yeast Infections 

Leaky Gut 

Blood Sugar Dysregulation 

Weight Gain


It’s important to know that when taking any form of birth control, you are not ovulating. It shuts down the communication between your brain and your ovaries. Therefore, your luteinizing hormone never spikes so you never ovulate. You need to be producing progesterone naturally in order to ovulate. The benefits of producing progesterone and thus ovulating regularly go way beyond fertility. Ovulation is the main event in your menstrual cycle for a reason and is one of the best indications of a woman’s health. 


Any bleed you get while on birth control is not a true period but rather a withdrawal bleed. A true period requires ovulation to be present. The monthly bleed you get while on the pill is from ceasing the synthetic hormones and switching to the placebo pills. 


What about the hormonal IUD? 


Any hormonal IUD is essentially the same concept as the pill with a few small differences. It is administered vaginally so it bypasses the liver and the gastrointestinal tract when being absorbed which is beneficial. However, it also is a foreign object in your uterus that may be rejected by your body and immune system. It can increase your chances of disease/infection and can migrate up your body causing organ damage. Another big difference is that it only contains progestin where as the pill contains both estrogen and progestin usually. However, your body is still receiving synthetic hormones and is unable to produce progesterone. This means you are not ovulating and can still experience post birth control syndrome. 


What about the Copper IUD (non-hormonal)?


It is administered the same way as as the hormonal IUD which again, comes with its pros and cons. However, it also increases copper levels in your body which can interfere with zinc and lead to copper toxicity. This is especially a problem for women with thyroid issues. Secondly, copper has an affinity with estrogen meaning when copper levels rise so does estrogen. This is why many women experience painful, heavy periods when taking the copper IUD due to a hormone imbalance called estrogen dominance. So even though you are not taking synthetic hormones and are ovulating regularly, this IUD still causes hormonal issues that can look similar to the symptoms listed above. 


Whether you choose to be on birth control or not, that is completely your choice and I will support you either way. I am here to educate so you can make your own informed decision on what is best for you. There are other contraceptive methods with side benefits instead of side effects such as the fertility awareness method. 


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