What is PCOS? 


It is a metabolic disorder that has nothing to do with the cysts on your ovaries. In fact, there are many people with PCOS who don’t have cysts and many people with cysts who don’t have PCOS. Ovarian cysts don’t mean there is a hormone imbalance neccessarily. 


PCOS is really defined as high androgens (male hormones) when every other possibility of high androgens has been ruled out. The second criteria for a PCOS diagnosis is either irregular periods or polycystic ovaries. You must have 2 of these 3 in order to be diagnosed. 


Common Symptoms of PCOS: 


Weight gain 

Acne/Oily Skin




Hair Loss/Thinning Hair 


Since PCOS looks very different on everyone, it’s important to know which type you have and the driving factors in order to best support your metabolism. 


There are four types (root causes): 


Insulin-Resistant PCOS:


Also known as pre-diabetes. If insulin is high then that will drive androgens up and cause PCOS symptoms. About 70-80% of PCOS cases are due to high insulin levels. 


Post-Pill PCOS: 


It’s extremely common to experience amenorrhea and a temporary surge in androgens when coming off the birth control pill. This usually balances itself out in a few months with proper nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle habits. 


Inflammatory PCOS:


Chronic inflammation can cause the ovaries to produce excess testosterone which causes PCOS symptoms. This is usually related back to the gut and is accompanied with bowel issues like IBS and/or SIBO. 


Adrenal PCOS: 


If you have elevated DHEA-S but every other androgen level is normal, then it is likely adrenal PCOS. This is only the case about 10% of the time. It is driven by an abnormal response to stress causing dysregulated cortisol production. 


It is possible to have multiple types which is when it can get confusing. 


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