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Skin Nutritionist Toronto Canada Katie McKersie


Looking to clear your skin once and for all? We help women all around the world rebuild their metabolism so they never experience acne again.

This is the only natural and permanent solution to skin conditions. 


Click below for more details on what it's like working with us & to book in your first 1:1 Clear Skin Session with our skin nutritionist absolutely FREE!

We Specialize In Conditions Related to Skin Health 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

We identify which type of PCOS you have and what is driving your high androgens to restore balance back to your hormones and skin! 

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

We properly colonize your bacteria in a metabolically supportive way so SIBO never returns & you can enjoy clear skin. 

Post Birth Control Syndrome

We reverse your post birth control symptoms by relieving gut distress and optimizing ovulation so you can have clear skin again. 

Don't Guess!

Functional lab testing is the most precise and efficient way to get to the root of your acne, eczema or psoriasis. It allows us to immediately uncover specific hidden stressors that are preventing you from experiencing clear skin. We offer DUTCH (hormone), GI Map (gut) & HTMA (mineral) testing.

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Radi Radev

📍Mansfield, Massachusetts

Katie is an amazing practitioner to work with and have under your belt along your healing journey. In just a few short months I've noticed a huge improvement in my skin and am finally so relieved to not rely on harsh skincare to keep my acne at bay. She is always very attentive and a huge support when anything goes haywire. I love how we reach to the root cause together and the protocols she puts together are very specific FOR YOU. Very happy I found her!

Elisabeth Bennett

📍Salt Lake City, Utah

I’ve been working with Katie for a few months now. She’s SO knowledgeable, kind, and fun to work with. After my first appointment with her, she dug right in to sending over SO MUCH helpful, detailed information to get started. I began following her protocols and purchased the HTMA & DUTCH tests. Within 2 months of starting the beginning protocol, my body acne is nearly clear. Only a few small blemishes here and there. I just completed my testing and am waiting for results, to begin a more specified protocol, based on my results.I’m so happy with my progress and working with Katie only a few months in. I also love how affordable the products she’s recommends. I’ve been to so many other specialists/docs who have made my past protocols nearly unattainable, due to costs.I would highly recommend working with Katie!

Lydia Peoples

📍Weatherford, Texas

Katie is very knowledgeable and I loved working with her. She’s been helping me this entire year. After working with her for 3 months my fungal acne completely cleared and my Eczema just about completely cleared up. The reason it didn’t completely is because of my constant picking. It’s amazing what supporting your body can really accomplish if you just give it the right tools.

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