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Looking to clear your skin once and for all? We help women all around the world rebuild their metabolism so they never experience acne again.

This is the only natural and permanent solution to skin conditions. 


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We Specialize In Conditions Related to Skin Health 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

We identify which type of PCOS you have and what is driving your high androgens to restore balance back to your hormones and skin! 

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

We properly colonize your bacteria in a metabolically supportive way so SIBO never returns & you can enjoy clear skin. 

Post Birth Control Syndrome

We reverse your post birth control symptoms by relieving gut distress and optimizing ovulation so you can have clear skin again. 

Don't Guess!

Functional lab testing is the most precise and efficient way to get to the root of your acne. It allows us to immediately uncover specific hidden stressors that are preventing you from experiencing clear skin. 


What Is Triggering Your Acne?

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Chelsea Friedman

📍St. Catharines, ON

 I loved working with Katie. I wish I had before pictures of my skin (I was way too embarrassed to take any back then) but oh my god. I feel like a completely new woman. I had horrible cystic acne on my jaw line for as long as I can remember and had seen multiple dermatologists about it. I went on and off spiro, birth control and accutane for years and sometimes it would get better but it would always come back. Im so happy I found Holistico. She gave me my confidence back! I don’t cry looking in the mirror any longer, there is hardly anything there anymore eeeep.

Claudia Iman

📍Washington, DC

I have worked with Katie for almost 4 months now and I have noticed drastic difference in my skin. I had perfect skin before birth control and Katie help me get it back. I’m beyond thankful. There is no more hyperpigmentation any longer and no active pimples. I wasted so much money on skincare before her and tried everything under the sun to get it gone. Im so happy she achieved what I wanted in a holistic way and truly fixed all the damage birth control did to my skin. She is well worth it, trust your body!!

Jasmyn Evatt

📍Cleveland, Ohio

Today I have finished 10 weeks working with Katie and here is what I have noticed:

  1. Eczema was entirely gone within the first two weeks

  2. Redness in my face has decreased but still working on it

  3. I feel a lot more confident now and don’t need to wear makeup

  4. I no longer get massive whiteheads on my forehead or little blackheads on my cheeks

  5. I am not nearly as bloated or gassy as what I used to be (I think I had SIBO and she got rid of it)

  6. My periods are way more manageable

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