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Have you lost your period? We help women recover their periods by optimizing metabolism.

A natural and regular period where one is ovulating is the best indication of a woman’s health. It is known as your 5th vital sign.


We Specialize In

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

We identify which type of PCOS you have and what is driving your high androgens to restore balance back to your hormones so you can regain a regular cycle. 

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

We work on your mindset around food, reduce your stress response and teach you how to exercise to bring back your period naturally. 

Post Birth Control Syndrome

We reverse your post birth control symptoms by relieving gut distress and optimizing ovulation so you can have a healthy period. 


Don't Guess!

Functional lab testing is the most precise and efficient way to get to the root of your hormone & gut imbalances. It eliminates trial and error and allows us to uncover the hidden stressors preventing you from feeling your best. 

What Your Missing Period Means

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Sarah McKennan

📍Victoria, BC

Working with Katie has honestly changed my life! She gave me the confidence to come off the birth control pill and actually manage my PCOS. I have a whole new appreciation for my body and how to nourish it. I knew the transition wouldn’t be easy but Katie made it tolerable and everyday I am seeing improvements in my energy and mood. I highly recommend her, the money is worth it! She only works with women and her e-book has been an amazing resource that I still refer back to. 

Sylvia Martin

📍Oakland, CA

I have suffered from brutal stomach pain, heartburn and bloating for years and all I was ever told was that I had IBS. I didn’t know I could possibly have h pylori and SIBO but Katie ran a GI Map test on me and found so many things. I couldn’t believe it!! Now we are working on healing these. LADIES! Invest in yourself. You will have good days and bad days but Katie’s support and knowledge made it soooo much easier for me.

Mariana Badeaux

📍Gatineau, QC

I got my IUD taken out but still struggled with hormone imbalances like weight gain, depression and heavy painful periods. The side effects were terrible both with and without it. Katie ran a DUTCH test and taught me that I had really low progesterone from high cortisol and estrogen dominance was not my problem. I see her on a monthly basis now and it’s been life changing so far. I now know how to support my hormones, keep my blood sugar balance and I don’t hate my period anymore. I’m not 100% better yet but I know I’m on the right path. 

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