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Gelatin Gummy Recipe

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

These are the easiest and tastiest things to make ever!

Gut Healing Gelatin Gummies


2 cups organic cold pressed pineapple juice (or any pure fruit juice of your choice)

2 tbsp of raw honey or pure maple syrup

30g of grass fed #gelatin

Bring juice to a boil and then remove heat and slowly stir in honey/maple syrup and gelatin!

Then add it to silicone ice cube tray or glass dish and let sit in the fridge for a couple hours!

Voila, you’re all done :)

Gelatin (cooked form of #collagen) is a digestion superfood and is incredibly healing! These gummies and bone broth are my favourite ways to get it in everyday.

Gelatin has so many anti-inflammatory amino acids like #glycine (it’s mostly made up of this), alanine and proline which is why it’s known to be amazing for decrease inflammation especially in the joints, improving #energy, improving #sleep, healing the gut lining, boosting progesterone, reducing the effects of stress, improving #detoxification and of course improving how we digest our food.

Gelatin is something I get my clients to prioritize in their diet as its important to balance your muscle meats out with anti-inflammatory amino acids. I get them to do this with things like dairy, organ meats & bone broth as well.

Gelatin also helps enhances the secretion of #digestive juices that help us break down our food. The more digestive juices we are producing, the better our food will be broken down which means better #absorption.

If foods aren’t broken down well, then large food particles can seep through our gut lining that cause an immune response creating inflammation.

This then leads to an array of health issues that go beyond the gut!

P.S. make sure you get a good quality grass fed, pasture raised gelatin! If you go to my website’s shop and click on Fullscript, Organika has a really good one that I use often!



Katie xx

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