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What does this include? The hair tissue mineral test, 1hr in depth analysis of your test results along with detailed notes for your reference and a targeted nutrition, supplement and lifestyle protocol to follow.  Shipping is included for US residents. International residents are responsible for the cost of shipping.


In the analysis session, we will discuss your health history and then go through your test results line by line explaining each marker and what needs improvement. We correlate your symptoms with your results to develop a comprehensive yet individualized protocol that restores metabolic balance for healthy glowing skin. 


Testing is the most precise and efficient way to find your root cause(s). By testing and not guessing, you eliminate a lot of trial and error on your healing journey which saves both money and time in the long run. If you already have test results from another practitioner and are only booking for the analysis/protocol, please book the service below instead. 

HTMA Test + Analysis

  • You will need to download the file that is immediately provided and click on the link there to complete your booking. Your test will not be shipped out nor will your analysis session be conducted without completing this step. 

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