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What does this include? 1hr in depth analysis of your test results along with detailed notes for your reference and a targeted nutrition, supplement and lifestyle protocol to follow. No test will be ordered for you when booking this. 


What tests do we analyze? 

  • GI MAP
  • HTMA


You must already have one of the above test results before booking this service. Only one test can be analyzed per booking. If you have other functional tests (not listed above) or blood work you want ordered/reviewed, please join the 1:1 membership.


In this analysis session, we will discuss your health history and then go through your test results line by line explaining each marker and what needs improvement. We correlate your symptoms with your results to develop a comprehensive yet individualized protocol that restores metabolic balance for healthy glowing skin. 

    Test Analysis

    • This is ONLY for those who have already obtained GI MAP, HTMA or DUTCH test results from another source and are just wanting an analysis + protocol. No test will be ordered for you and you must have test results for this session to be conducted.

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